ExCEEd Teaching Workshop

Project ExCEEd: Excellence in Civil Engineering Education

The ExCEEd Teaching Workshop is a landmark faculty development program that has been sponsored and organized by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) since 1999. This six-day workshop consists of an integrated program of seminars, demonstration classes, and labs. The seminars cover such subjects as principles of teaching and learning, formulating learning objectives, organizing classroom instruction, questioning, learning styles, and developing interpersonal rapport with students. The demonstration classes are taught by experienced ExCEEd faculty who demonstrate the application of workshop techniques and serve as role models of teaching excellence. In the labs, workshop participants teach three actual lessons from their own engineering courses and receive constructive feedback on their performance. The workshop was developed and initially offered at West Point and has since been offered at the University of Arkansas, Northern Arizona University, University of Colorado at Boulder, and Florida Gulf Coast University as well.

Dr. Ressler served as Program Coordinator for the ExCEEd Teaching Workshops at West Point in 1999, 2000, 2001, and 2007; he developed the original program of instruction in collaboration with ASCE’s Committee on Faculty Development; and he has served as an instructor at every ExCEEd Workshop offered at West Point since 1999.

Members of the ASCE ExCEEd team regularly conduct two- and three-day “Mini-ExCEEd” Workshops at colleges and universities around the world, at the institution’s expense. For more information on these workshops, contact Steve.